Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Sponsor a Bump

torpids11-034-img_3573Ladies, gentlemen, and coxes of all ages, welcome to WCBC’s Sponsor a Bump! Pledge here to support Wolfson bumps!

Here’s how it works:

First, you choose any number of Wolfson crews, and an amount of money you’d like to pledge per bump. For example, if you pledge £10 per W1 bump, and W1 bumps twice during Torpids, you’ll donate £20 to the boat club at the conclusion of the race.

Then all you need to do is cheer for your crews during Torpids, and follow along at the river, online, or using the OxBump mobile app. At the conclusion of the race, we’ll e-mail you to report how your crew(s) did, and provide information for making your donation.

All money will be put toward the boat club mission, including equipment and coaching. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Publicity Officer.

About our Women’s Crews – Summer Eights 2017

W1: Combining the best of the WCBC women, with rowers from both the OUWBC and OUWLRC squads, this year’s W1 is looking strong and speedy. Starting off in 7th place in Division I, with a point to prove from an unfortunate ending to an otherwise spectacular Torpids campaign, where they (briefly) reached the highest recorded position of any previous Wolfson women’s crew, these ladies are just waiting to show exactly what they can do.

W2: An insanely strong second crew start off 2nd in Division III. The highest women’s second boat on the river, these ladies are ready to fight their way up the ranks of other college first boats. A boat packed full of power and fresh off of Torpids blades, can these women maintain their winning streak and break into Division II?

W3: Made up of a killer combination of experienced seniors, and people who learned to row this year, W3 are starting at 6th position in Division V. After narrowly missing out on blades in both last year’s Summer Eights (despite moving up 5 positions) and this year’s Torpids, this group of strong, dedicated she-wolves will be looking to see what destruction they can cause in the carnage-filled lower divisions.

About our Men’s Crews – Summer Eights 2017

M1: Our first men’s boat are eager to turn their hunger after Torpids frustration into success at Summer VIIIs. The team consisting of five Germans, two Americans, a Briton and an Italian are starting behind an amalgam of blues-packed and headship crews and ahead of the first boats of Univ, Magdalen and Wadham, the latter of which they held off once but not twice at Torpids. Wolfson’s fastest boat has three new additions in the nine seats and together they are looking to test their limits in the most important race of the year.

M2: Their predecessors were denied a sure bump after a klaxon ended the final day of racing in 2016, so this year’s men’s 2nd crew will be hoping to finish the job this time around. In front of them are Jesus II, Magdalen II, Teddy Hall II and Trinity II. Behind them, Hertford II and St Catz II. Built around a core of last year’s M3, with a few newer rowers added into the mix, they have been training solidly since 0th week and are looking set to make some waves in Div IV!

M3: The third crew from Torpids has remained mostly unchanged, bar the addition of a couple of newer rowers, as well as a relative old-timer. Last year there was no overall change in M3’s position so this year they will begin racing from bungline 5. Their task will not be easy –behind them is a 2nd boat (St Peters), and in front a first boat (long-time Wolfson M3 arch-rivals, Regents Park!)– but they have shown that they have what it takes to take on the likes of any boat that strays into the dangerous waters of Men’s Div V!