Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Llandaff Regatta 1996

A Wolfson/Linacre coxed four won the men’s novice 900 metres at Llandaff this weekend. Congratulations to the crew (Carsten Heide, Richard Smith, Catherine Hawkins, Simon Cornish and Erich Maritz). Here is a report penned by Richard himself:

Vini Vidi Poti (We came , we saw, we potted).

At the start of July, Carsten organised an awesome four, with the sole intention of loosing their novice status! The four, coxed and coached by Catherine H., consisted of Carsten, Richard S. and two members of Linacre, Simon Cornish and Erich Maritz. The venue chosen was Llandaff (13/14 July), who were celebrating their 50th anniversary and lovely new club house.

On the Saturday we were entered into the novice coxed four category, where we managed to beat Penarth RC and Mumbles ARC to reach the final against the ‘monsters’ in Llandaff B, whom we beat to secure our first pot (with lid) and also a cup. This also meant that we no longer had ’00’ rowing points, but ‘0’ rowing points. Feeling that we were on a roll and getting a taste for the silverware, we entered the S3 category on the Sunday.

We had barely started to digest our breakfast of egg and bacon, ‘sweet’ tea and florentines (got to get the recipe, Catherine), before our first race against Abingdon RC, whom we beat by 3ft. We were now awake, although our breakfasts hadn’t decided if they were staying or going! The next race was against Penarth RC, whom we beat by a canvas and then against City of Oxford B, whom we also beat easily (rerow? I don’t think so). Hence another final and the smell of victory. Alas, it was not to be and after a bad start, we lost by a length or so. Our first point slipped away! All in all, I thought we had a great weekend of racing and would like to thank the crew.

Richard Smith