Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Christ Church Regatta 1996

The Wolfson novice crews put in good performances at this event despite the pressures of being defending champions in the men’s competition. 27 – 30th November.

The Mens A crew — Jon Woolf (cox), Malcolm Finn (str), Andy Briggs (7), Jamie Harle (6), Nils Pedersen (5), David Thorpe (4), Franco Dinelli (3), Paul Thirtle (2), Matt Roberts (bow), Zoe Smith (coach) — entered the competition on the Friday into the second round, where they promptly disposed of Magdalen C by about 3 lengths. In the third round, a similar margin was enough to eradicate Lincoln C. Then it all came to an abrupt halt with a very close race with New A, who apparently managed to head Wolfson off into the transit lane (Steady! Ed), and then went on to win by half a length.

The Womens A Crew — John Pinot de Moira (cox), Polly Field (str), Sabine Heinz (7), Natasha Hill (6), Patricia Manzano (5), Susanne Bangert (4), Lydia Jackson (3), Emma Jaikaran (2), Jacky Woodman (bow), James Hopkins (coach) — got as far as the men’s crew. In the first round, they beat Queens by ~20 lengths (and looked very good). In second round, Trinity A had the bad luck of the draw and were beaten by 15 lengths. The third round saw a verdict of easily over St Anthony’s. But in the fourth round, the ladies came up against Keble A, who went on to win the whole thing, and were beaten out of the competition.

The Womens B Crew — James Rubinstein (cox), Christina Buesching (str), Eva Cyhlarova (7), Kerstin Persson (6), Marilyn Mielke (5), Pauline von Hellermann (4), Sarah Beynon (3), Jessica Sack (2), Jacqueline Berlin (bow), Axel Wabenhorst (coach) — had a tough draw and in the first round were beaten by St Hilda’s A by 5-6 lengths. In the repechage, they were beaten by Corpus Christi A by 2 lengths, but rowed a much better race with more control.

The Mens B Crew — James Rubenstein (cox), Paul Metzgen (str), Tilman Bauer (7), Olaf Ruske (6), Francesco Pezzo (5), Paolo La Rocca (4), Max Lorenzetti (3), Luca Nunziata (2), Andrew Renault (bow), Argyris Stassinakis (coach) — beat St Annes C in the first round by a comfortable margin, and then went on to beat LMH B in the second round. Sadly, Merton A presented too tough a task and the boys went out in the 3rd round.