Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Cherwell Regatta 1997

Wolfson had a junior IV and a junior VIII entered in the Cherwell regatta. The junior IV performed well and their persistence was rewarded with a close win over Christ Church. Sadly though, they were knocked out by New College in the second round, who crossed the line about a length and a half ahead. The junior VIII were looking forward to avenging their bump from St Annes on the last day of Torpids. However, the St Annes boys obviously realised they couldn’t sustain that sort of effort and withdrew from the race. (Much like the beer races on the Saturday night after Torpids as well!) Wolfson then faced Somerville in the final, which proved to be a very close race indeed, despite having a stroke who hadn’t rowed for 5 weeks! Wolfson made an excellent push for the line at the end but lost the race by 3 feet.