Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Oxford City Royal Regatta 1997

Wolfson entered five boats in the Oxford City Royal Regatta this year.

The men’s novice IV Performed incredibly well, beating Oxford City by a length in the first round, after being behind off the start. In the second round they beat Cygnet Rowing Club, but in the semis were beaten by the the Wolfson/Jesus/Falcon composite crew. In the final, that crew were narrowly beaten by Leander in a very close race which was only decided on the wind to the finish.

Novice Crew: Kath Allen (cox), Thomas Spielholer (St. Annes, Stroke), Jamie Harle (3), Matt Roberts (2), Malcolm Finn (Bow).

The men’s S3/S4 crew endured a very difficult weekend after being drawn against the same opposition, Bewlbridge, in the first round of both categories. Despite rowing extremely well in both events, they were beaten by a crew who were also considerably faster than most of the other crews entered. Nevertheless, it was an excellent performance which deserved a lot better.

S3/S4 Crew: Jimmy Scragg-LMH (Cox) , Phil Biggin (Stroke), Sean Ross (3), Rafael Perera (2), Richard Holland (Bow)

The men’s S3 eight also had a very strong series of races, only losing out narrowly in the semi-final to Midland Bank.

S3 VIII Crew Kath Allen (Cox), Thomas Spielholer-St Annes (Stroke), Andy Briggs (7), Olaf Ruske (6), Malcolm Finn (5), Mark Dreunitt-Jesus (4), Nils Pedersen (3), Matt Roberts (2), Jamie Harle (Bow)

The women’s S3 eight, after a first round row defeating Oxford City “easily”, there came the more tricky second round race against Linacre. Coming past OUBC, Wolfson pulled out a half a length lead having been behind off the start. At this point, Linacre began to squeeze ever closer to the Wolfson boat, and the resultant blade clash resulted in a substantial loss of rhythm from stern four. After that point, Linacre pulled away to win by half a length. Despite an appeal to the finish marshal about the steering of Linacre the result stood. Nevertheless, the crew rowed extremely well and can be well pleased with their achievements.

Crew Keith Spencer (Cox), Natasha Hill (Stroke), Marilyn Meilke (7), Theresa Burt-Perera (6), Fiona Ryan (5), Claire Willcott (4), Sabina Heinz (3), Debbie Cooke (2), Renee Menezes (Bow), Doug Befroy (Coach)

The women’s S3 four, after borrowing a boat from OUWBC, and despite only having three outings as a four, achieved a great deal of success. They rowed superbly through each round comfortably beating all their opponents to each the final against Marlow. The Wolfson boat led from the start and won the race by a clear length and a half, resulting in a great deal of excitment and cheering. A tremendous result after the disappointment of the VIII.

Crew John Pinot (Cox), Natasha Hill (Stroke), Marilyn Meilke (3), Theresa Burt-Perera (2), Fiona Ryan (Bow)

This was an extremely successful regatta for both men and women and the boat club can be very happy with what was achieved.