Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Fullers Fours Head 1997

Wolfson entered a men’s crew for the Fullers Fours Head, 8th November 1997. This year, 550 crews covered the Mortlake to Putney championship course, making this the largest number of crews in a single, one-start race in the world. The head four (4. Greg Hodgins, 3. Bill Steel, 2. Richard Holland, 1. Matthew Roberts, cox Meghan O’Brien) finished with a time of 22:29.13, finishing 356th over all. Additionally they finished in a respectable position in the senior 3 coxed fours for universities and beat Bath University I to name but one. Performed well being only slightly shaken by a nasty head wind shortly after Hammersmith bridge. Wound it up to rate 34 for the last mile and caught a crew that started 8 places above just before the finish line.