Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Summer Eights 2008

Wolfson had a mixed year of ups and downs in 2008 with an overall upward trend! The women secured a total of 6 bumps whilst the men secured a total of 11 bumps, including blades for M1 and M2’s charge of a bump followed by an overbump to reach Division V.


Wolfson entered 3 women’s crews and 3 men’s crews into the Summer VIIIs campaign in 2008.

Men’s First Boat

M1 earned blades, bumping Brasenose on Wednesday, St Anne’s on Thursday, St John’s on Friday, and Trinity on Saturday.

bow Benoit Pujol Division II
2 Rafel Bordas
3 John Kennedy
4 Tony Convey
5 Darren Morofke
6 Rob Rayner
7 Paul Kelly
str Clifford Sofield
cox Sarah Field
coach Nanda Pirie

Women’s First Boat

W1 followed their 2007 successes with a strong performance. They bumped Linacre and Worcester on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The ladies rowed over on Friday after the crew in front had bumped out, but went on to give Queen’s spoons on Saturday by bumping them in short order.

bow Jessica Whelan Division II
2 Lindsay Burton
3 Stephanie Solywoda
4 Lisa Mol
5 Amy McLennan
6 Suki Tyler
7 Laura Addis
str Katja Bier
cox Mike Ward
coach ?

Men’s Second Boat

On Wednesday, M2 made a fantastic start to Summer VIIIs, bumping Linacre II to become the sandwich boat at the bottom of Division III, and then going on to overbump Jesus M3 (Regent’s Park and Queen’s M3 in the middle). On Thursday and Friday, M2 rowed over, holding off a strong Regent’s Park challenger. Saturday, M2 bumped Magdalen M3, giving Magdalen spoons.

bow Clarence Yapp Division V
2 Mariano Beguerisse
3 Christian Bell
4 Brian Harrington
5 Uli Webber
6 Ben Power
7 Paul Aspey
str Ian Hart
cox Vafa Taghavi
coach ?

Women’s Second Boat

W2 started their bumps campaign strong, bumping S.E.H. II on Wednesday and Linacre II on Thursday. They went on to row over at the top of Division IV on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, W2 was bumped by Hertford II, a strong crew who went on to bump up into Division III.

bow Ilektra Apostolidou Division IV
2 Claudia Chien
3 Diana Muftic
4 Annie Demosthenous
5 Erica Boschin
6 Iana Alexeeva
7 Victoria Reuter
str Laura McDougall
cox Katja Bier
coach ?

Men’s Third Boat

Wolfson M3 rowed over on Wednesday and Thursday before bumping Hertford on Friday and St. Catz on Saturday to move up two places overall.

bow Mike Ward Division VII
2 Bill Edwards
3 Jon Lanman
4 Wolf Goetze
5 Duncan England
6 Mike Molinari
7 Andrew Nethercott
str Marko Blazekovic
cox Claire Woods
coach ?

Women’s Third Boat

Wednesday held a rocky start for W3, who were overbumped by St Hilda’s III. On Thursday they struck back, bumping Hertford III. Friday they had a strong row-over, and Saturday went on to bump Hertford IV.

bow Laura Burns Division VI
2 Valerie Gorman
3 Paula Willis
4 Alice Kennedy / Joan Robeson
5 Madeleine Hamilton
6 Rae Hancock
7 Sheree Smith
str Gretchen Bjornstad
cox Benoit Pujol, Victoria Ryan, Nanda Pirie, and Emily Baldock
coach ?