Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Summer Eights 2009

Wolfson had a successful Summer VIIIs 2009, as M1 bumped into Division I whilst W1 moved up stealthily through Division II.


5 boats were entered into Summer VIIIs in 2009: 3 women’s eights and 2 men’s eights.

Men’s First Boat

Wednesday, M1 rowed over. Thursday, they bumped Queen’s, who would go for spoons. Friday, M1 bumped Wadham. On Saturday, as the sandwich boat between Div II and Div I, M1 first bumped Keble and then Worcester (who were on for blades), securing a place in Division I after 4 consecutive years of moving up the river!

bow Benjamin Bishop Division I
2 Matthew Richard
3 Siebren Robert-Jan Ruitinga
4 Paul Luttik
5 Ulrich Weber
6 John Kennedy
7 Clifford Sofield
str Paul Kelly
cox Fernanda Pirie
coach ?

Women’s First Boat

On Wednesday, W1 bumped Exeter W1. With their conviction from the day before bumped Keble on Thursday. Unfortunately, Keble came back to bump Wolfson W1 on Friday. On the final day of racing, W1 rowed over, moving up 1 place in Summer VIIIs in a strong position in Division II.

bow Jill Betts Division II
2 Megan Robb
3 Claire Millican
4 Laura Addis
5 Maria Gerelle
6 Amy McLennan
7 Katja Bier
str Gillian Mcfarland
cox Diana Muftic
coach ?

Men’s Second Boat

M2 had inspirational bumps on Pembroke III, St Anne’s II, and Brasenose II on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively. Unfortunately, on Saturday, they just missed out on bumping Osler House, who were trying to regain their position after an overbump on day 1.

bow Clarence Yapp Division V
2 Simon Breakspear
3 Thomas Juzek
4 Christopher Trisos
5 Duncan England
6 Owen Scarrott
7 Christian Bell
str John Dale
cox Adam Barhamand
coach ?

Women’s Second Boat

On Wednesday, W2 rowed over, not quite able to match Wadham II who rowed over in front of them. Thursday, W2 rallied to bump Wadham II and then bumped Pembroke II securing their place in Division III. On Friday, the ladies bumped Hertford II to gain a strong position. Saturday, W2 bumped the LMH first boat, putting them at 10th in Division III.

bow Iana Alexeeva Division III
2 Ilektra-Georgia Apostolidou
3 Belinda Platt
4 Shelly Burton
5 Alana Piper
6 Rachel Hancock
7 Stephanie Solywoda
str Victoria Reuter
cox Katja Bier
coach ?

Women’s Third Boat

W3 had a tough campaign. They were bumped by Balliol III, Christ Church IV, and Osler House III on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively. On Saturday, they showed their grit, rowing over chasing Osler House III and chased by Green Templeton who each rowed over as well.

bow Ly-mee Yu Division VI
2 Valerie Gorman
3 Laura Sauls
4 Merit Hietanen
5 Megan Dragony
6 Erica Boschin
7 Joana Pardoe
str Nicole Yager
cox Iana Alexeeva
coach ?