Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Summer Eights 2010

M2 bump Queen's in Summer Eights 2010.

M2 bump Queen’s in Summer Eights 2010.

The men’s side got more bumps than any other college on the river, with M1 moving up 4 to their highest ever position (8th in Division 1), M2 getting their amazing fourth bump 5 seconds before the klaxon and M3 achieving 3 bumps during the campaign.

Also tremendous achievement from the women’s side, with W1 pushing Hilda’s to the line before bumping them on day one, W2 putting in a great performance to bump St. Anthony’s and W3 getting Wadham after less than two minutes of racing!

All six of our crews ended the campaign at the position they started in or higher, a great indication of the strength of the club’s performances this year! Well done to all those involved.


Wolfson entered 6 crews into Summer VIIIs in 2010, 3 men’s and 3 women’s VIIIs.

Men’s First Boat


M1 continued its ascension in full form this year. On Wednesday, they bumped Exeter just past Donny Bridge. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, they bumped New College, Teddy Hall, and Magdalen, respectively, earning blades and finishing 8th on the river.

bow Benjamin Bishop Division I
2 Chris Prosser
3 RJ Ruitinga
4 Duncan England
5 Clifford Sofield
6 Jeremy Howick
7 Graham Davies
str Paul Kelly
cox Nanda Pirie
coach Adam Barhamand

Women’s First Boat


Wednesday was an exciting day, as W1 bumped Hildas just before the finish line. They held that position on Thursday and Friday with solid row-overs, but were unfortunately bumped by Linacre on Saturday.

bow Amanda Reiner Division II
2 Iana Alexeeva
3 Ilektra Apostolidou
4 Rachel King
5 Rae Hancock
6 Victoria Reuter
7 Aurelie Cuenod
str Jill Betts
cox Katja Bier
coach Charlie Burkitt and Paul Kelly

Men’s Second Boat


Wednesday, M2 bumped Queen’s 2 just after Donny Bridge. Thursday, they went on to bump St. Benet’s. Friday, they bumped Osler House, and Saturday they topped off by bumping Jesus II and finishing with well-deserved blades!

bow Clarence Yapp Division V
2 John Fluharty
3 Chris Trisos
4 Jack Harding
5 Darren Morofke
6 Uli Weber
7 John Dale
str Michael Lutteropp
cox Alana Piper
coach Jessica Ham and Christian Bell

Women’s Second Boat


Wednesday, W2 showed their grit with a strong row-over. Thursday, they bumped St. Anthony’s. Friday, W2 again rowed over, and Saturday were bumped by LMH.

bow Nicole Yager Division III
2 Maria Alva
3 Caitlin McDonnell
4 Becky Waller
5 Lisa Mol
6 Alison Jameson
7 Cynthia Eccles
str Annette Fayet
cox Vivas Kaul
coach Stephanie Solywoda

Men’s Third Boat


M3 rowed over on Wednesday before bumping Corpus II, Keble III, and Teddy Hall III respectively on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

bow Jeff Aviss Division VII
2 Will Allen
3 Paul Hermann
4 Dave Matyas
5 Myron Van Damme
6 Brian McQuinn
7 Morgan Diroid
str Danny Parton
cox Iana Alexeeva
coach Rae Hancock and Christian Bell

Women’s Third Boat


W3’s race was klaxoned on Wednesday. They went on to bump Wadham III at the top of Div VI on Thursday before rowing over at the bottom of Div V. On Friday, they rowed over at the top of Div VI and narrowly missed the bump into Div V. On Saturday, they were bumped by a speedy Lincoln II crew, finishing second in Div VI.

bow Rosanne Mulder Division VI
2 Valerie Gorman
3 Nadia Khuzayim
4 Ly-mee Yu / Xiaoou Yi
5 Elina Sinkkonen
6 Sandra Wagner / Belinda Platt
7 Veronika Nikitina
str Evelyne Massa
cox Rebecca Schneider
coach RJ Ruitinga