Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Torpids 2011


Wolfson had an amazing performance in Torpids 2011. The men’s first Torpid was the most successful crew on the river, earning blades for the second year running and finishing 8th on the river — its highest position ever. The women’s first boat moved up through the second division, the men’s second boat advanced sharply, and the women’s second boat suffered a series of unfortunate events but fought the good fight.


Four Wolfson crews competed in Torpids 2011.

Men’s First Boat


Wolfson M1 had a spectacular campaign, bumping Exeter and New College on Wednesday to land in the first division. On Thursday, they bumped LMH who went on to bump Worcester, moving our men up two more places. Friday, they bumped Wadham and Saturday they bumped Hertford to finish with the highest set of blades in on the river and an 8th place finish.

bow Christian Bell Division I
2 Mario Recker
3 Philipp Becker
4 Chris Prosser
5 Clifford Sofield
6 Cory Kampf
7 Tyler Spencer
str Duncan England
cox Nanda Pirie
coach Paul Kelly

Women’s First Boat


The Women’s first boat also had a successful campaign. After falling two places on Wednesday on a bump by St. Hugh’s, the women recovered two places Thursday by revenge bumping St. Hugh’s (who went on to bump a crashed St. Hilda’s). Friday, the ladies bumped Somerville and Saturday they bumped Merton to finish 7th in Division II, up two places overall.

bow Gillian Langor Division II
2 Maria Alva
3 Cynthia Eccles
4 Dieuwertje Kooij
5 Megan Robb
6 Iana Alexeeva
7 Victoria Reuter
str Aurelie Cuenod
cox Rebecca Schneider
coach Zoe Lundy

Men’s Second Boat


After a rough first day, the men’s second boat had a strong campaign. They were bumped by St. Catz II on Wednesday after losing a blade and rowing in 7’s — but managed to recover the oar and only lose one place overall. On Thursday, through a maneuver that involved bumping Regent’s Park and then a lot of other associated bumps, the men recovered 3 places. Friday, they bumped Teddy Hall and Saturday bumped Wadham III to move up 4 places overall.

bow Kevin Brazil Division V
2 Thomas Grafnoski
3 James Kirkbride
4 Rasmus Abjorsen
5 John McManigle
6 Morgan Di Rodi
7 Dave Mathyas
str Gregers Bangert
cox Will Allen
coach John Dale

Women’s Second Boat


The women’s second boat suffered a series of unfortunate races. After poleman absences, misaligned starts, and other calamities, they wound up being bumped twice on each of Wednesday and Thursday, once on Friday, and twice on Saturday, finishing 6th in Division IV. They’ll no doubt have their revenge next year.

bow Blandine Boeuf Division IV
2 Valerie Gorman
3 Raffaella Facchini
4 Susan Graham
5 Kathleen Buckingham
6 Miriam Driessen
7 Esther Horowitz
str Katherine Henson
cox Belinda Platt
coach Stephanie Solywoda