Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Summer Eights 2011

Wolfson M1 bumps Univ on Saturday of Summer Eights 2011, reaching fourth on the river!

Wolfson M1 bumps Univ on Saturday of Summer Eights 2011, reaching fourth on the river!

What a year! M1 has just got blades bumping them up to 4th position on the river in first division. W1 had a brief nibble at the toes of division 1 and are now in a strong position to bump into the first division next year.


In 2011 Wolfson had 4 men’s boats and 2 women’s boats taking part in Summer Eights. M3 rowed on successfully, while M4 did not qualify.

Wolfson bumped up 10 places in total and therefore ranked 3rd college overall. For the 4th year in a row M1 got blades! W1 and M2 both did very well bumping 3 days out of 4 and M2 bumped up in div 4. W2 was once again very unlucky: 3 of their races got klaxoned. M3 showed some solid rowing bumping up one place.

Men’s First Boat


On Wednesday, M1 was chasing Balliol who had overlap with St Catz for a while letting everyone think they would bump out. But St Catz managed to pull away, allowing M1 to bump Balliol around the boat houses. On Thursday, they continued their formidable ascension, bumping St Catz early on in the race. Friday, M1 bumped Hertford halfway down the Green Bank. After an epic Saturday chase on Green Bank, M1 finally bumped Univ not far from the finish and got blades, finishing 4th on the river!

bow Christian Bell Division I
2 Mario Recker
3 Philipp Becker
4 Cory Kampf
5 Clifford Sofield
6 Paul Kelly
7 Jeremy Howick
str Duncan England
cox Nanda Pirie
coach Chris Prosser

Women’s First Boat


On Wednesday, W1 were closing on Linacre when their race was klaxoned. Thursday, they had their revenge, bumping Linacre in the gut! Friday, W1 bumped St Catherine’s just after Donnington Bridge after they had crashed into the bank. Saturday, W1 bumped Somerville just after Donny bridge and finish the week 3rd in Division II.

bow Aurelie Cuenod Division II
2 Ilektra Apostolidou
3 Iana Alexeeva
4 Victoria Reuter
5 Dieuwertje Kooij
6 Jill Betts
7 Joss Watkins
str Megan Robb
cox Will Allen
coach Zoe Lundy

Men’s Second Boat


Wednesday, M2 bumped St Peter’s II in the gut, moving to second in Division V! Thursday, M2 got very close to bumping Merton II, but couldn’t quite get them and rowed over. Friday, they bumped Hertford II at the top of Div V, and then rowed over as the sandwich boat in Div IV after the crews ahead bumped out. But on Saturday, M2 rowed over at the top of Div V and then bumped St John’s II at the bottom of Division IV, securing their place there for next year.

bow Gregers Bangert Division IV
2 Danny Parton
3 John McManigle
4 James Kirkbride
5 Morgan Dirodi
6 Tyler Spencer
7 Chris Trisos
str Laurie Nevay
cox Belinda Platt
coach John Dale

Women’s Second Boat


Wednesday, The W2 girls also had their race klaxoned. Thursday, they were getting very close to Christ Church II when their race got klaxoned again. Friday, W2 got bumped by a fast Wadham II. And in an extremely frustrating Saturday, after a good start, W2’s race got klaxoned again (3 in 4 days) very early on.

bow Kathleen Buckingham Division III
2 Susan Graham
3 Raffaella Facchini
4 Erica Boschin
5 Rae Hancock
6 Katherine Henson
7 Esther Horowitz
str Gillian Langor
cox Rebecca Schneider
coach Stephanie Solywoda

Men’s Third Boat


Wednesday, after a good start, M3 closed to less than canvas off St Anthony’s II, but their race got klaxoned before they could bump. On Thursday, they had their revenge, bumping St Anthony’s II! Friday, M3 unfortunately lost a blade, but managed to get it back in a fashion that impressed the marshals and went on to row over. Saturday, M3 rowed over again as all the crews around them bumped out and finished at bungline 11 in Division VI.

bow Will Allen Division VI
2 Kevin Brazil
3 Ben Frot
4 Josh Anderson
5 Vaughan Dutton
6 Josh Curk
7 Thomas Granofsky
(rowing on: Rasmus Asbjomsen)
str Dave Matyas
cox Ilektra-Georgia Apostolidou
(rowing on: Belinda Platt)
coach Laurie Nevay

Rowing On Boats

Wolfson also entered M4 into Summer VIIIs 2011. Unfortunately, they failed to qualify but the athletes had good rows all around and enjoyed Summer VIIIs dinner as much as the rest of us!

M4: Jono Lusthaus (str), Nelson Goering (7), Kyle Checchi (6), Nicholas Starko (5), Sebastiaan van Schaik (4), Alex Lang (3), Daniel Straulino (2), Federico Torracchi (bow), coxed by Kathryn Krakowka and coached by Iana Alexeeva and Rae Hancock