Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Erg Regatta Replaces Christ Church 2012

1016556_10151697762675859_2075300134_nUnfortunately, Christ Church Regatta was canceled this year by sudden flooding. When the first race ran (including one intrepid Wolfson crew), the floodgates opened and one poor Somerville boat wound up snapped in pieces after it was lodged between a steamer and a fixed mooring post (pictured to the right).

However, University College Boat Club decided to sponsor an indoor “erg regatta” for the crews stationed at the Univ boathouse — Wolfson, St. Peters, Somerville, and Univ. Wolfson performed admirably at the regatta. The women’s crew, after epic training throughout Michaelmas term, emerged victorious. The men also put in a strong performance. There’s no doubt these new rowers will make us proud in Torpids!

womens ergatta

mens ergatta