Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Nephthys Regatta 2014

The Wolf Pack had a strong showing in Nephthys Regatta 2014, a local race on the Isis run by the Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club. The race has both novice and senior categories, with novices using it as a warm-up for Christ Church Regatta while seniors enter to see the fruits of their Michaelmas training.

In the senior divisions, Wolfson entered three boats. The men’s eight, coxed by Edward Mills, featured Remi Tirfoin (bow), Nick Hartley, Thomas Quartermain, Neil Dhir, James Simpson, Maurits Kroese, Jasper Barth, and Thomas Aarholt (str).

The men’s lightweight four, also coxed by Edward Mills, was powered by Jasper Barth (bow), Gido Van de Ven, James Simpson, and Thomas Aarholt (str). This four emerged victorious, defeating LMH and Balliol to top the lightweight senior men’s 4+ division.

The women’s senior four, coxed by John McManigle, shot up the river with the bladework of June Sun (bow), Fuchsia Hart, Amelie Hartmann, and Sabine Parrish (str). Unfortunately the women lost their first race to a strong crew from University College.

Women's novices compete in Nephthys Regatta 2014.

Women’s novices compete in Nephthys Regatta 2014.

The men and women also each entered a novice eight. The women’s boat, coxed by Sabine Parrish, was powered on by Anne Coventry (bow), Flannery Cunningham, Prachi Naik, Anna Khanina, Annie Bochu, Nichola Kitson, Jessica Dunham, and Lea Sefer (str). After the women had gained a huge lead on New College, a wayward crab snatched away the victory. The women, however, emerged hungry for glory at Christ Church.

The men’s eight, coxed by John McManigle, was muscled along by Keven Schlegel (bow), Hao Chin, Ward Nusselder, Christian Vaas, Jamie Collier, Alexander Edwards, Philipp Schafer, and David Asker (str). Despite a strong row, the men fell in the first round to Exeter College.