Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Christ Church Regatta 2015

WA & WB and their Captains
2015 was Wolfson’s most successful campaign in the Christ Church regatta; the women’s A boat won the women’s competition (for the first time since 1995) and the men’s A boat were valiant runners-up.

Day 1

Both our WA and our MA managed to pull off wins against St. Antz in their first rounds, leaving the women to face St. Anne’s WA in their second round tomorrow, and the men either Wadham MC or Hertford MA. Our MB and WA may have taken losses, but rowed hard and clean, and are looking strong for their races tomorrow. WB were gaining steadily on Trinity A (the second place winners of Nephthys Regatta) in the last 100m of the race, and in the end lost by under a length; they are looking forward to showing Teddy Hall WA that they mean business.

Day 2

On the men’s side, the day was started off with Wolfson MB taking on Magdalen MA. As a friendly boat, this was the last race for these men. They started the race strong, pulling away off the start, though a crab soon removed that advantage. Through the middle of the race it was very close until a severe crab caused one’s feet to come out. By the time he got his feet back in, Magdalen had a 4 seat lead but Wolfson fought back strongly to bring it back to 2 seats but it was too late as the line beat them to it. It was a strong show by MB and they should hold their heads high.

WA and their Captains/Coaches

Wolfson MA had their strongest start against Hertford MA and they took an early lead. They were never troubled from that point onwards, striding out well and did a solid rate 32 row for the entire length of the race to cross the line comfortable winners. It was a strong win by MA who will take on Mansfield MB tomorrow afternoon.

Wolfson WB started off the the day with a strong show against Teddy Hall WA. Our line was perfect and the girls quickly pulled ahead, but an unfortunate gate mishap left a rower temporarily out of action, allowing a struggling Teddy to gain back ground. Even with only 7 rowers for the majority of the race, WB only came in two feet short of a victory. Heartbroken as we are, the B crew wolf pups did an AMAZING job this week and deserve HIGH praise from the pack.

Wolfson WA pulled off a much more favourable result. It was a hard fight against St. Anne’s WA, with them keeping neck and neck with us through the green bank, but our superior strength and technique paid off in full as we rounded the last bend past the Univ raft. Our wolves not only pull away, but won by an entire length!

Day 3

The ladies of Wolfson (WA) crushed the competition at their third day of Christ Church Regatta, pulling ahead in both races (Brasenose WB and Corpus Christi WA) right off from the very beginning, and winning each by multiple lengths. They rowed at a hard rate 28 to 30 and pulled off each crew from the very start, never looking back nor showing mercy. The girls were calm and collected, rowing in long composed strokes and catching the eye of every spectator on the river. One bank-rider even proclaimed “how are they so good??” amidst nervous laughter, as we made our way down the green bank. They are looking forward to another three potential back-to-back races tomorrow, starting with Keble WA in the quarter final round.

Wolfson MA had a relatively easy today taking on Mansfield MB who had lost their first race and got through to round 3 on a bye. After intimidating Mansfield in the marshalling area by executing some solid roll ups, the men had a good start and pulled away as they strode out. Once they had clear water they took the rate down (in order to conserve energy for a potential of 4 races tomorrow) but were still pulling away and had a 3 length lead coming past our boathouse. As practice for tomorrow they executed a wind for the finish taking the rate up to 36/38 whilst maintaining their technique putting some serious speed on the boat. They are going to be a serious threat tomorrow.

Day 4 – Finale

WA winning ChCh'15

Fantastic news from today’s final day of Christ Church Regatta. Women WA have won the Christ Church Regatta! It was an phenomenal final between Wolfson and Wadham. The Men’s MA have won second place! It was an absolutely amazing race against Balliol. Congrats to all of Wolfson novice crews: WA, WB, MA and MB. This is Wolfson
‘s most successful year at Christ Church regatta.