Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Wolfson crews at Summer Eights 2023

Summer Eights 2023 is around the corner (24–27 May), and at Wolfson we’ve been training hard for the past couple of months to make the most of it. See below for announcements of the crews that will be competing this year, and make sure to come by and cheer!

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Women’s crews

W1: Starting third on the river, W1 will be racing once again in a high stakes environment. With a series of external regattas and some intense land training under their belts, these women are ready for the challenge at the top of division one. The crew includes experienced oarswomen as well as two gifted rowers who learned only this year. This will be cox Daina’s final bumps campaign after an impressive tenure as a mainstay of Wolfson Boat Club. Let’s hope it will be one to remember!

CoxDaina Šadurska-Houghton
StrokeAlexandra Blackwell
7Verena Wiedemann
6Sarah Harte
5Lara Bolte
4Svenja Arlt
3Harriet Bradnock
2Anna Jones
BowAimee Ruffle
W1 at Nottingham Regatta this May

W2: W2 will be defending their title as the highest women’s second boat on the river, starting 11th in Women’s Division II (23rd on the river). In the capable hands of experienced race cox Sophie, we have no doubt they will rise to the occasion. This will be the first summer eights campaign for all the rowers in this crew, but with plentiful external racing experience and months of dedicated hard work this is not a team to underestimate. 

CoxSophie Harbord
StrokeLucy Zhang
7Anastasia Karamzina
6Ruby Jensen
5Celeste Mottahedin-Fardo
4Yi Qie
3Vicky Batchelor
2Jeanne Nougué
BowZhaoying Ma

W3: The Wolfson women’s third boat currently holds 3rd boat headship, and will be starting 9th in division 4 at position 45 on the river. Most of the crew learned to row at Wolfson this year and have thrown themselves into training both on land and water, yielding rapid progression and promising results so far. They will be taking on second and first boats with the grit, determination and agility that have got them so far in the last 9 months.

CoxZhaoying Ma
StrokeMahea Daniels
7Olivia Deuschle
6Rosa Hodgkinson
5Fernanda Goncalves Abrantes
4Tamsin Greene Barker
3Roswyn Wiltshire
2Meri Miettinen
BowCristina Gonzalez Esteban

W4: Made up of wolves new, old and newly returned, Wolfson’s women’s fourth boat will be competing first at the “rowing on” qualifiers. We are confident they will speed to success and are excited to see if they can beat the +3 total of W4 in last summer eights, or match the incredible blades winning campaign of W4 in Torpids a few months ago. With a highly experienced crew backing her up, this will be an excellent introduction to racing for new cox Cris. 

CoxCristina Gonzalez Esteban
StrokeOana Diaconescu
7Maysa Falah
6Daina Šadurska-Houghton
5Sophie Harbord
4Alicia Vergara
3Christine Cunningham / Olivia Farrar
2Rosalin Cooper

Men’s crews

M1 racing at IWL-D, 2023

M1: The first men’s crew is currently situated 5th on the river before summer eights. They are motivated, fuelled and enraged by missing out on the Torpids headship by a mere canvas. Having trained hard for the past few months they are hoping to get a few bumps. The hopes are high, also after winning the college category of Bedford regatta at the beginning of May. This will be Mary’s last bumps campaign with Wolfson and she is set to make it a memorable one. The crew is made up of experienced rowers who have learned to row in the UK and abroad. This crew also includes two of this year’s men’s captains, David and Dominik.

CoxMary Sanford
StrokeThomas Monahan
7Will Kinsella
6Karim Elmestekawy
5Christian Coester
4David Geldbach
3Dominik Klöpfer
2Andrew McMahon
BowGiovanni Rosso

M2: Our second crew is located in the middle of the fourth division. They won blades last year and are keen to repeat this feat. Together with M1 they participated at Wallingford and at Bedford regattas, gaining some valuable race experience and preparing them for their aspirations. This crew is made up mostly from experienced rowers, many of whom have started their rowing journey at Wolfson. They are joined by Mantas and Benjamin who started rowing with us this year. They are incredibly fast for an M2 and definitely one to watch out for.

CoxEster Paolocci
StrokeTein van der Lugt
7Mantas Drelingas
6Galen Brown
5Benjamin Hardin
4Gavin Lamb
3Csabi Botos
2Grant Rowley
BowBill Shao

M3: The third men’s crew is starting out at the bottom of the fifth division. Their predecessors have earned spoons in the year before and they are looking to reverse this. This crew is made up from a mix of more experienced rowers and some who joined us this year. In the stern pair we have Wolfson alumni Boldi and Ryan guiding the crew. In the coxing seat, Adam is known for his adventurous and bumps-ready steering. We also have another men’s captain in this crew with Calvin.

CoxAdam Ferris
StrokeRyan Walker
7Boldi Poór
6Calvin Cheng
5Athanasios Peftinas
4Florian Zarnetta
3Joost Wardenier
2Ricardo Le / Olle Lövgren
BowHenley Hopkinson

M4: Our fourth crew is starting in the last division, ready to gain some bumps experience. This crew is made up entirely from athletes that started rowing this year—except for James who rowed with Wolfson for many years, is an honorary committee member and is back for some action. Calvin also features here as well, this time starring in the coxing seat for his first bumps campaign as cox. 

CoxCalvin Cheng
StrokeAtticus Mawby
7Augustine Luk
6James de Jonge
5Bogdan Draghici / Peter Waldert
4Nathan Suiter / Jorge Garcia
3Renger van Dasselaar / Jonas Irlenkäuser
2Marcel Seger
BowAlp Katalan
The Wolfson crews greeting you from training camp in Henley-on-Thames