Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford


Elected at the Annual General Meeting by all boat club members, the Wolfson College Boat Club Committee is responsible for running the boat club throughout the year. If you have questions or concerns about the Club, feel free to chat with the current committee members around college, or e-mail them at the addresses below!

Andrew McMahon
Men’s Captains
Dominik Klöpfer, Samuel Wiese
Women’s Captains
Eva Hanna Henderson, Aimee Ruffle
Club Secretary
Natalia Woszczyk
Captain of Coxes
Sophie Harbord
Sarah Martin
Social Secretary
Will Kinsella
Regatta Secretary
James Marsden
Development Officer
Bessie O’Dell
Equipment Officer
Andrew Wang
Safety Advisor/Kit Officer
Mary Sanford
St Cross College Representative
Zhaoying Ma
Wolfson College Representative
Denis Hartmann
Inclusivity and Welfare Advocate
Karim Elmestekawy & Anna Jones
Marcel Stolz

Position Descriptions

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Club, its future, and its external relations. The Club’s spokesperson, the president’s duties include chairing committee meetings and the AGM, organising an agenda for committee meetings with the Secretary, overseeing the organisation of training camp, organising sponsorship, and aiding in the co-ordination of the men’s and women’s boat clubs.

The Men’s and Women’s Captains are responsible for the training and racing plans for the Wolfson crews. This is such a big job it is often split between multiple people. Duties include responsibility for the crew selection process, organising training, including outing plans, land training, coxswains and coaching, and representing the club to Oxford University Rowing Clubs.

The Secretary maintains the constitution, chairs meetings in the President’s absence, aids the President in producing agendas and organising committee meetings and training camps, arranges umpiring and marshalling duties, takes minutes at the AGM and committee meetings, issues boathouse key passes and ergometer passes, and maintains a list of associate and honorary members.

The Social Secretary organises boat club social events, including boat club dinners and fundraising, and organises representation of the Club at the Wolfson Fresher’s Fair.

The St. Cross Representative represents the interests of St. Cross College on the committee, aids the captains in recruitment of members from St. Cross College, and organises representation of the Club at the St Cross Fresher’s Fair.

The Captain of Coxes aids in the recruitment and training of new coxswains, ensures all coxswains are aware of the rules of the river as set out by OURCs, and coordinates coxswains and coxing equipment.

The Safety Advisor is the committee representative to British Rowing. Duties include ensuring all rowers and coxswains have passed the required swim test, ensuring individuals receive the correct training before using any club equipment, ensuring accidents are reported and that emergency equipment and procedures are in place, advising the committee on safety issues, and organises the ordering of club kit each term.

The Treasurer handles claims for reimbursement, manages the Club budget (but not spending), and provides a budget review at each committee meeting.

The Equipment Officer keeps an up to date inventory, ensures the security and maintenance of Club equipment, consults with the boatman over any equipment failure, replaces faulty/broken equipment and maintains a damages log book.

The Regatta Secretary maintains a database of WCBC members, liaises with captains regarding which external regattas shall be entered, makes entries to intercollegiate regattas and races as well as external regattas and heads, and arranges trailering, billing, and general organisation for external regattas.

The Webmaster maintain the WCBC website with up-to-date information on committee members, racing results, sponsors, upcoming events and donation possibilities, maintains the Club’s mailing lists, and promotes the Club via online publication of photos, videos and reports.

The Development Officer advertises regattas to the Boat Club, college and wider community, liaises with the Social Secretary to advertise social events, develops and maintains relations with the college President and other members of college staff, and investigates potential sponsors of the Boat Club to develop links between the Boat Club President and potential sponsors of the Boat Club.

WCBC recognises that diversity and inclusivity is integral to building a supportive and positive community. The Welfare & Inclusivity Advocate champions initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity across all facets of the boat club. With their help, alongside the rest of the committee, WCBC will continue to make tangible strides towards maintaining fair representation of the diverse college and university campus we are a part of.

Honorary Members provide advice to less experienced committee members on all aspects of The Club. Typically retired captains or other committee members, they provide continuity in implementing policy and ideas.

Historical Committees

Those of a historical bent might be interested in our previous committees. Where we know, the committees are listed by year of election below. Due to changes in the constitution some roles have been split up or merged. The President used to be called Captain of Boats before the year 2003 and was occupied by either the Women’s or Men’s Captain. Furthermore, the responsibilities of the Safety Officer laid with the Captain of Coxes from 2003 until 2007. It became a separate role after that. If you have more information, please e-mail the webmaster.