Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

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dsc04540If you’re looking for a Wolfson College Boat Club event, the odds are that we are in one of two general areas: the Wolfson College site on Linton Road, or the Univ Boathouse on the Isis Stretch of the River Thames. Rarely, you might also be looking for the Iffley Sports Complex.

If you are looking for the “Wolfson erg room,” “Wolfson gym,” “games room,” “mixed circuits session,” “weights session,” or “boat club dinner,” you want the Wolfson College site.

If you are looking for a “water session,” “outing,” “Univ erg room,” or “the boathouse,” you want the Univ Boathouse.

If you are looking for a “tank session,” “swim test,” or “capsize drill,” you want the Iffley Sports Complex.

Wolfson College Site

Wolfson college is located in north Oxford, just north of the University Parks, south of Summertown. From the city centre, take the Banbury Road north and turn right on Linton Road. The college site is at the end of Linton Road. A map is available here. The directions below all assume you have passed through the lodge. Having passed the lodge (reception) desk, you are now out in the Berlin Quad (main courtyard) facing the white marble staircase at the far end of the walkway. (Wolfson Site Plan)

To find the Wolfson gym, turn left immediately (you will see signs for “C Block”). Proceed downstairs, turn right, and walk along the C block corridor. You will see the gym about one-third of the way down on your right. It is on the south side of the Tree Quad (Wolfson Site Plan).

To find the Wolfson erg room, follow the directions immediately above for the Wolfson gym, and continue just a bit farther. The erg room is inside the punting boathouse room.

To find the games room for a mixed circuits session, proceed straight ahead from the lodge towards the white marble staircase. Instead of ascending the stairs, walk around to them to the right, and descend to the cellar level. The bar will be immediately in front of you, and the games room is attached.

Univ Boathouse

RiverMapThe Univ Boathouse is on the tow path side of the Isis stretch of the river Thames. From city centre, proceed south along St. Aldate’s Road. Immediately upon crossing the bridge over the Thames, turn left onto the towpath. Proceed down the towpath for a while. (You will know you are on the right track when you start seeing boathouses across the river.) Univ boathouse is a big black-brick-and-glass monstrosity.

If you are looking for an outing, chances are the centre garage door will be open, and your crew will be waiting. (If you’re the first one there, just wait a few minutes. Rowers are usually punctual, and will likely be there exactly at the designated meeting time — not earlier nor later.)

If you are looking for the Univ erg room, that is at the rear of the structure. Your captain or coach will be able to tell you the codes to get inside.

Click the map to the right for a larger version that will guide you right to the Univ boathouse, and enjoy your outing!

Iffley Sports Complex

IffleyMapThe Iffley Road Sports Complex is in east Oxford, across the Cherwell River. (Frustratingly, there is not a good search to make it appear on Google Maps.) Take the High Street east, and cross Magdalen Bridge. Turn right at the roundabout to take Iffley Road. After passing Stockmore Street on your left, take the small path to the right, which leads to the sports complex. If you see Marston Street on your left, you’ve gone too far.

The complex itself is a bit hard to navigate; your best bet is probably to find an entrance and ask at reception for directions to your destination. Tank sessions are held in the “rowing tank,” and swim tests and capsize drills are held in the swimming pool.

The map to the right is our best guidance. If it’s your first time at Iffley, it’s worth allowing an extra 10 minutes to find your way to the tank or pool.