Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

External Regattas

External Regattas

Wolfson often travels to British Rowing regattas outside of Oxford, especially during Michaelmas term and over the summer vacation. While the captains decide each year where to send their crews, some of the popular destinations include the Head of the River Regatta in London, Henley Town and Visitor’s Regatta in Henley, Maidenhead Regatta in Nottingham, Cambridge Autumn Regatta in Cambridge, and Kingston Regatta in southwest London.

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Fours’ Head 2016

The day of Fours’ Head did not start great. It was bucketing rain, cold and miserable. For those who have not raced any of the big Tideway head races, they involve an infamous long wait on the water as hundreds of boats marshal up towards the start line and with only one boat being set off at a time, it can take hours to race. We arrived in London wrapped up warm for the cold, only to find that the rain had all but stopped and it was actually rather warm.