Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

E-mail Tutorial

So… You have this shiny new email address. It already forwards to the address of your choice. (It doesn’t? Email me and tell me where you would prefer it go.) But you want to be able to SEND mail from it, too!

If you use GMail, you’re in luck! (If you don’t or don’t want to, email me and we can figure out something that works for you.)

First, log in to GMail and go to the Settings page.

Then, go to Account Settings, and next to “Send mail as:”, select “Add another email address you own”.

Enter your new wolfsonrowing.org email address in the box provided and click “Next Step”.

Select “Send through Gmail” and click “Next Step”.

Click the “Send Verification” button, and go ahead and close the yellow window.

Shortly, you should receive an e-mail from Gmail with a verification link. Click that link, and then close all Gmail windows.

When you next compose an email in Gmail, you should have the option to send it from your new address!