Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Erg Room Booking

Wolfson uses two primary areas for erg training: the erg room in the back of the Univ Boathouse by the river, and Wolfson Erg Room by the punt harbour at Wolfson College. The erg room at the Univ boathouse holds eight ergs and is shared with other colleges. The time slots change on a regular basis, and so if you want to use that erg room, it is best to coordinate with your captain, who will know the particulars of the schedule.

The calendar below is for booking the Wolfson Erg Room, which contains four ergs attached to the Wolfson harbour boathouse for punts. It is just a few steps away from the weights room, on the same corridor as the Cellar Bar. Anyone who has been evaluated as being safely able to use the ergs may be issued an Erg Pass and schedule sessions at their convenience. Squad training sessions have priority.

The calendar is a Google Calendar with the username ‘wolfsonergs’. To make a booking, get the password from your captain, or subscribe to the calendar using your personal Google Account and request privileges on it from the webmaster. If you need help making a booking, please contact the webmaster.