Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

First Aid Kit

First Aid PosterRowing is a very safe sport generally, and Oxford rowing in particular introduces a number of safety-oriented processes to minimise risk. However, as any new oarsperson will attest, blisters and cuts are nearly unavoidable throughout a rowing career. And while major injuries and incidents are rare, Wolfson takes pride in being prepared for them.

Because our comprehensive, modular first aid kit is a bit more complicated than the ‘box with some plasters in’ you might be used to, a brief explanation is provided here. There are plenty of signs and posters to make navigating the kit easy should you need to on the day.

Where is the kit?

First Aid KitThe first aid kit is located in the unlocked, green, two-drawer cabinet at the back of our boat house bay, on the left side. The large poster (above) is above it for easy identification. The top drawer contains equipment for minor to severe injuries as well as sun cream, disinfectant supplies, and saline for washing out eyes or wounds. The bottom drawer contains changes of clothes (in case you take a swim in the cold river), splints for joint or bone injuries, and first aid instructions.

How is the kit organised?

The first aid kit is organised in modules. The Minor Injuries, Moderate to Severe Injuries, and Auxiliary Supplies modules are in the top drawer, while the Joint and Bone Injuries, Hypothermia/Immersion, and Reference modules are in the bottom drawer.

Minor Injuries Module

Minor Injuries Kit   Minor Injuries Kit

Ninety percent of the time, this is what you’re looking for. Plenty of plasters, some antiseptic wipes, and antiseptic cream. In case things get a bit messy, some non-latex gloves.

Moderate to Severe Injuries Module

Moderate to Severe Injuries Kit   Moderate to Severe Injuries Kit

If you have a more serious cut or scrape, this is the one for you. Bigger, non-adhesive wound dressings, gauze, wound closures, and bandages to keep everything wrapped up tight.

Auxiliary Supplies Module

Auxiliary Supplies   Auxiliary Supplies

This kit contains some extra disinfectant fluid and wipes, sterile saline for washing out eyes or wounds, plenty of extra gloves, and — second-most used kit item to plasters — some sun cream in case you’ve forgotten yours. Remember, even the British summer sun can be strong when it reflects off the glassy water of the Isis.

Joint and Bone Injuries Module

Joint and Bone Injuires   Joint and Bone Injuires

In the unlikely event of a bone or joint injury, we are fully stocked with splints and bandages.

Hypothermia and Cold Water Immersion Modules

Hypothermia Module   Hypothermia Module

Though it’s pretty hard to go for a swim in one of our bigger boats, it’s a real possibility in the small boats. That’s why small boat users have special training in what to do in the event of capsize. We also have changes of clothes available in the boathouse in case they go for a dip on a chilly day.

Reference Material Module

Reference Module   Reference Module

The Reference Material module contains basic first aid instructions as well as a copy of our Major Incident Plan, worksheets, and pens.