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For most of Wolfson College Boat Club, racing is why we do what we do. Our long-serving top men’s coach, Paul Kelly, may have put it best:

I don’t know who decided to take nine people from each college, put them in a boat, and see who can go backwards down the river fastest. But we might as well be the best at it.

Wolfson enters racing events throughout the year. The biggest events on the racing calendar are:

Michaelmas Novice Regatta 2020

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Michaelmas Novice Regatta 2020 - The Michaelmas Novice Regatta is a one-off rowing tournament for novice crews at the University of Oxford, organised by Wolfson College Boat Club, Linacre College Boat Club, and OURCs. This year, weather permitting, we’re hoping to give novices their first…

Christ Church Regatta

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Christ Church Regatta 2015 - 2015 was Wolfson’s most successful campaign in the Christ Church regatta; the women’s A boat won the women’s competition (for the first time since 1995) and the men’s A boat were valiant runners-up. Day 1 Both our WA and our…

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Torpids 2017 - All six Wolfson boats achieved record highs during Torpids.

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Summer Eights

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Summer Eights 2017 - M1 defends their position of 5th on the river, while M3 remain the highest men’s 3rd VIII, at 9th in Men’s Division V. W1 finished the week at 6th in Women's Division I, their highest ranking since 1992. W2 bumped up into Division II, while W3 finished at the head of Division V.

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Blues Squads

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Two WCBC Rowers in Henley Boat Races 2013 - As Oxford defeated Cambridge in every Blues rowing fixture this year, Wolfson rowers Cynthia Eccles (OUWLRC) and James Kirkbride (OULRC) fought for their victories.

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Other Oxford Regattas

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City Bumps 2016 - City Bumps started with an early-morning briefing in the packed bar at CORC, followed by thick snow showers that dumped lots of cold, wet flake all over everyone. The weather improved at times over the day, sometimes raining, other times…
Nephthys Regatta 2015 - Day 1 – Friday 20th: Seniors Wolfson M8+ The first race was accidentally against Catz novices, Wolfson won by a middle even though they only did the first minute at pressure. Second race against Jesus, a bit tighter since Wolfson…

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External Regattas

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WEHoRR 2018 - Great is the race where all the crazy stuff happens *after* the finish line, and not before it.
Quintin Head 2018 - An excellent showing by the only attending Oxford college women's crew in WCBC's first race of 2018.

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Race Reports

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