Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Sponsored by Investec

Wolfson rowing at Olympic Lake, Dorney

Wolfson rowing at Olympic Lake, Dorney

Since 2013, Wolfson College Boat Club is proudly sponsored by Investec, a Specialist Bank and Asset Manager with a range of financial products and services. We share the core values of Investec: energy, stamina and talent.

The sponsorship has been crucial to the boat club’s continued success over recent years. It has helped us in numerous ways; we have been able to

  • Increase training budgets for men and women through all divisions
  • Increase equipment budgets and the ability to use training facilities such as ‘tank sessions’
  • Compete at external regattas across England
  • Attend a weekend training camp for the whole club in Henley
  • Hold training sessions at Dorney Olympic Lake when there is flooding
  • Create a hardship fund to help rowers with difficulties covering the costs of rowing
  • Provide Investec branded rowing kit to the first men and women boat

Their generous contribution has empowered us to reach boat club records. Some of our successes since 2013

  • Men’s first boat is now fourth on the river during Torpids, highest it has ever been
  • Both Men and Women first boats are first division for Torpids and Summer Eights
  • For the first time, the club entered a women fourth boat in Summer Eights 2015 and Torpids 2016
  • We have had nine crews win ‘blades’ across Torpids and Summer Eights between 2013 and 2016
  • We have attended a high number of external competitions included, Women Eights Head of the River, Men Head of the River, Henley Regatta
Women getting ready for a race, John Cairns Photography

Women getting ready for a race, John Cairns Photography