Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Corporate Sponsorship

Wolfson College Boat Club is currently seeking a primary corporate sponsor. Your support will provide us the resources to push for victory at the highest levels of Oxford collegiate rowing. In return, we can offer your business unique advantages as a large, postgraduate college boat club.

Brand visibility: Wolfson takes part in the full Oxford collegiate rowing calendar, including the iconic Summer Eights. With both our men’s and women’s top crews racing in Division I, Wolfson is always represented in the most closely-watched part of the day, when tens of thousands of spectators turn up to cheer on the fastest crews.

Unlike most other Oxford college clubs, Wolfson keeps training and racing over the long summer vacation, representing your brand in events all over southeast England. Furthermore, as a postgraduate college, Wolfson hits a generational “sweet spot”: most of our members are young enough that their families across the world are following their athletic endeavours closely, but also old enough to be economic consumers in their own right.

Wolfson College Boat Club is uniquely positioned to deliver your brand message across Oxford rowing supporters, the southeast England rowing community, and the targeted Oxford postgraduate community.

Graduate recruitment: This is another area where Wolfson offers superb return. We represent both Wolfson and St. Cross Colleges, the two largest colleges by postgraduate full-time enrollment, which together account for about an eighth of Oxford’s postgraduate students. The success and popularity of our Club makes it a prominent presence in the postgraduate Oxford community — even amongst non-rowers. Popular taster sessions for “freshers” and social events throughout the year ensure that whether they row or not, our students consider your business.

Our students represent the full gamut of Oxford academics, from engineering to law, from physics to economics. As a postgraduate college, we also have a number of students on one- or two-year master’s degree courses. This higher throughput of students represents higher year-upon-year exposure for our sponsor.

Opportunities Available

Wolfson College Boat Club is currently seeking a primary sponsor, and we offer two pre-designed packages:

The Primary Sponsor package includes prominent advertisement on rowing kit, equipment, and the website, wide publicity around Wolfson and St. Cross Colleges, and an annual boat club dinner invitation for six of your delegates. This package presumes a sponsorship of at least £8,000 annually for three to five years.

The Exclusive Sponsor package is inclusive of the above, but also ensures no other brands will be displayed in relation to the boat club. Additionally, we will work with you to design custom events catering to your business’s needs, which could include graduate recruitment events or a “learn-to-row” corporate team-building event for your business. This package is available for a sponsorship of £12,000 per year for three to five years.

We are also happy to meet with you to arrange alternative sponsorship arrangements tailored to your needs and interests. If you are interested in sponsoring Wolfson, please contact our president. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wolfson men's first boat races in front of tens of thousands in Summer Eights 2012

Wolfson men’s first boat races in front of tens of thousands in Summer Eights 2012