Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Sponsor a Bump

torpids11-034-img_3573Ladies, gentlemen, and coxes of all ages, welcome to WCBC’s Sponsor a Bump! Pledge here to support Wolfson bumps!

Here’s how it works:
First, you choose any number of Wolfson crews, and an amount of money you’d like to pledge per bump. For example, if you pledge £10 per W1 bump, and W1 bumps twice during Summer Torpids, you’ll donate £20 to the boat club at the conclusion of the race.

Then all you need to do is cheer for your crews during Summer Torpids, and follow along at the river, online, or using the OxBump mobile app. At the conclusion of the race, we’ll e-mail you to report how your crew(s) did, and provide information for making your donation.

All money will be put toward the boat club mission, including equipment and coaching. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Development Officer. Find out more about each crew below the form.

About our Women’s Crews – Summer Torpids 2021

W1: This year’s W1 features a complement of returners from the Blues squads, hardened WCBC veterans, and one fearsome former novice taking on the top of Division One. When they’re not busy terrifying other crews with their speed and savagery, W1 athletes can be found casually winning national championships and completing Ironmans on the side. No early morning is too early, and no thesis too distracting from the real goal: a first ever Wolfson headship. Watch this space, because these formidable ladies are all in it to win it and are reaching for the top: two bumps is all it’ll take.
Bow – Rosalin Cooper
2 – Catherine Bentley
3 – Miriam Stricker
4 – Romy Minko
5 – Christine Cunningham
6 – Sarah Martin
7 – Sarah Bridge
Str – Jessica Dunham
Cox – Daina Sadurska
Coach – Tom Chapman / James Marsden

W2: This crew is the highest W2 on the river, with the closest challenge to their W2 Headship over half a division away. However, as 5 members of the Torpids W1 make the move to W2, these women are no strangers to the upper divisions. With the perfect mix of experience and fresh talent this W2 plan to use power and precision to cement their Headship and make that gap even bigger. The first boats around them may contain Blues rowers, but no MD will resuscitating those crews once W2 are finished with them, because at Wolfson it’s the doctors doing the damage.
Bow – Aimee Ruffle
2 – Sophie Thorup
3 – Verena Wiedemann
4 – Jennifer Keute
5 – Katina Dorer
6 – Tamsyn Clark
7 – Karen Heathcote
Str – Anna Jones
Cox – Sophie Harbord
Coach – Tom Chapman / James Marsden

W3: The highest W3 on the river, they are going to prove why they deserve it and smash up the lower divisions.
Bow – Elinor Buys
2 – Eva Henderson
3 – Pinar Kolancali
4 – Lauren Thomas
5 – Annabelle Riedesel
6 – Ebba Holmstrom
7 – Julia Lindsay
Str – Mary Sanford
Cox – Jessica Dunham
Coach – Tom Chapman / James Marsden

W4: W4 are out hunting this summer, and they’re hungry. They are out to demonstrate the raw power!
Bow – Mi Jun Keng
2 – Rand Alkaissy
3 – Robyn Heitzman
4 – Natalia Woszczyk
5 – Sylvia Gattas
6 – Jessica Krejcie
7 – Bessie O’Dell
Str – Marie Fehlig
Cox – Miriam Stricker
Coach – Tom Chapman / James Marsden

W5: And last but not least, our W5. Their first competition in which they will show us what they can do!
Bow – Julia Pasiecznik
2 – Nadya Kamenkovich
3 – Celina Pasiecznik
4 – Anastasia Belova
5 – Theresa Wiendl
6 – Stepanyda Badovska
7 – Coraline Jortay
Str – Sophie Harbord
Cox – Sarah Bridge
Coach – Tom Chapman / James Marsden

About our Men’s Crews – Summer Torpids 2021

M1: The Wolfson Men’s First Boat is ready to take the stage and show the result of their continued dedication to training, and determination to uphold our traditions as a dominating force in college rowing. The crew is a combination of seven returning rowers from last term’s strong Torpids crew and an Oxford Blues trialist. The combined experienced of the VIII tops well over forty years of competitive racing. While athletes learned to row in several different countries and universities, with a few taking their first strokes as members of WCBC, this year everyone’s skills were honed under the coaching of Nanda Pirie, Jamie Axon, and Sammi Chekroud. After a highly competitive selection process and months of hard work, there is no question these athletes bleed yellow and red. Winners of the Isis Winter League and at an average height of 6’3″, this boat is a force to be reckoned with. First place winners of Bedford Regatta, wolves hunt in packs and this crew is big, strong, and hungry.
Bow – William Kinsella
2 – Andrew McMahon
3 – Nicholas Evry
4 – Kristan Boyett
5 – Dominik Kloepfer
6 – Christopher Theaker
7 – Marcus Tutert
Str – Carlo Brunold
Cox – Mary Sanford
Coach – Nanda Pirie / Rory Copus

M2: After putting on a strong showing in both ISL A and ISL B. Our M2 holds an impressive position in Summer Torpids, being second in their division. Surrounded by other college’s first boats and chasing a slow GTC M1 crew, M2 look forward to the challenge of breaking into the next top boat filled division and claiming their rightful spot of highest M2 crew on the water.
Bow – Lorenzo Saccon
2 – Humberto Juarez Rocha
3 – Karim Elmestekawy
4 – Moritz Moeller
5 – Mads Hoefer
6 – Tom Strube
7 – Ben Bellekom
Str – Andrew Wang
Cox – Flora Blissett
Coaches – Sam Clifford / Phil Schafer

M3: M3 have proven themselves to be a versatile and adaptable crew, producing a decent showing in both ISL A and B despite the majority of the crew having only started rowing a couple of months prior.
With several returning associate rowers acting as the foundation of the crew, M3 look forward to the challenge of being at the top of their division and acting as a sandwich boat. Especially as they have the opportunity to chase down and settle the score with Merton M2, a boat with which both M2 and M3 have a history with, having been bumped by them in previous years Torpids and Summer Eights.
Bow – Darius Muglich / Filip Vlcek
2 – Wojciech Lason / Kevin Ryan
3 – Anton Stall
4 – Samuel Wiese
6 – Elias Benussi
7 – Michael Schlemmer
Str – Keir Bowater
Cox – Issy Stephens & Jorn Reniers
Coaches – Sam Clifford / Phil Schafer