Wolfson College Boat Club, Oxford

Sponsor a Bump

torpids11-034-img_3573Ladies, gentlemen, and coxes of all ages, welcome to WCBC’s Sponsor a Bump! Pledge here to support Wolfson bumps!

Here’s how it works:
First, you choose any number of Wolfson crews, and an amount of money you’d like to pledge per bump. For example, if you pledge £10 per W1 bump, and W1 bumps twice during Eights, you’ll donate £20 to the boat club at the conclusion of the race.

Then all you need to do is cheer for your crews during Summer 8s, and follow along at the river, online, or using the OxBump mobile app. At the conclusion of the race, we’ll e-mail you to report how your crew(s) did, and provide information for making your donation.

All money will be put toward the boat club mission, including equipment and coaching. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Development Officer. Find out more about each crew below the form.

About our Women’s Crews – Summer Eights 2019

W1: This year’s W1 features a complement of returners from the Blues squads, hardened WCBC veterans, and one fearsome former novice taking on the top of Division One. When they’re not busy terrifying other crews with their speed and savagery, W1 athletes can be found casually winning national championships and completing Ironmans on the side. No early morning is too early, and no thesis too distracting from the real goal: a first ever Wolfson headship. Watch this space, because these formidable ladies are all in it to win it and are reaching for the top: two bumps is all it’ll take.
Bow – Claire Holubowskyj
2 – Rachel Anderson
3 – Miriam Stricker
4 – Ellie Watts
5 – Beatrice Faleri
6 – Katherine Erickson
7 – Jill Betts
Str – Jessica Dunham
Cox – Sophie Schauman
Coach – Thomas Chapman

W2: This crew is the highest W2 on the river, with the closest challenge to their W2 Headship over half a division away. However, as 5 members of the Torpids W1 make the move to W2, these women are no strangers to the upper divisions. With the perfect mix of experience and fresh talent this W2 plan to use power and precision to cement their Headship and make that gap even bigger. The first boats around them may contain Blues rowers, but no MD will resuscitating those crews once W2 are finished with them, because at Wolfson it’s the doctors doing the damage.
Bow – Ros Cooper
2 – Anna Sarkissian
3 – Marieke Van Beest
4 – Sarah Martin
5 – Tamsyn Clark
6 – Karen Heathcote
7 – Sarah Bridge
Str – Philippa Hammond
Cox – Sinae Kim
Coach – Thomas Chapman, Oliver Hedges

W3: Robbed of blades this Torpids by an unfortunate klaxon, W3 are out hunting this summer, and they’re hungry. The highest W3 on the river, they’re out to prove why they deserve it and smash up the lower divisions.
Bow – Sorcha Bolton
2 – Francoise McKay
3 – Emma Dougall
4 – Sarah Walsh
5 – Catriona Inverarity
6 – Rebecca Andrews
7 – Irene Rizzo
Str – Henrike Puchta
Cox – Adam Ferris
Coach – Oliver Hedges

About our Men’s Crews – Summer Eights 2019

M1: The Wolfson Men’s First Boat is ready to take the stage and show the result of their continued dedication to training, and determination to uphold our traditions as a dominating force in college rowing. The crew is a combination of seven returning rowers from last term’s strong Torpids crew and an Oxford Blues trialist. The combined experienced of the VIII tops well over forty years of competitive racing. While athletes learned to row in several different countries and universities, with a few taking their first strokes as members of WCBC, this year everyone’s skills were honed under the coaching of Nanda Pirie, Jamie Axon, and Sammi Chekroud. After a highly competitive selection process and months of hard work, there is no question these athletes bleed yellow and red. Winners of the Isis Winter League and at an average height of 6’3″, this boat is a force to be reckoned with. First place winners of Bedford Regatta, wolves hunt in packs and this crew is big, strong, and hungry.
Bow – Andrew McMahon
2 – Ethan Friederich
3 – Jimmy de Jonge
4 – Chris Theaker
5 – Simen Sopp
6 – Giuseppe Ughi
7 – Christian Coester
Str – Carlo Brunold
Cox – Daina Sadurska
Coach – Nanda Pirie

M2: In Torpids, our M2 held strong between colleges’ first boats. In Eights, our M2 is surrounded by other 2nd boats, so we are looking forward to a good campaign. They are chasing Merton M2, and we are planning to settle the (bumping) score after they bumped both our M2 in Eights last year, and more recently our M3 in Torpids.
Bow – Federico Lombardi
2 – Didac Fabregas
3 – Ben Bellekom
4 – James Neenan
5 – Stefan Mitzinger
6 – Marcus Tutert
7 – Calliste Fagard-Jenkin
Str – Ben Chugg
Cox – Jorn Reniers
Coaches – Philipp Schäfer, Allison Bryan

M3: M3 is well on track to repeat its success from Torpids. On the last day of Torpids last year, the school boat of Pembroke (full of ex-M1 rowers) narrowly managed to bump them before M3 could bump John’s M2. This year will be more equal battle with Pembroke M3. Looking further ahead, there are some more dead logs sitting there, waiting to be scooped up by our M3.
Bow – Matt Henderson
2 – Callum Davindson
3 – Kieran Wood
4 – Jonas Friedrich
5 – Marco Molteni
6 – Andrew Wang
7 – Kit Boyett
Str – Lars Kastrup-Nielsen
Cox – Arnaud Massenet
Coaches – Philipp Schäfer, Allison Bryan

M4: The German beer boat returns! The question is not if they will bump. But will they manage to beat their record from Torpids and get a bump in fewer than 11 strokes? Or will there be some worthy competition from another beer boat, with the horror of having to row past Donnington Bridge before tasting the sweet victory of a bump?
Crew list: Top secret…

M5: Our M5 completes the Armada we are sending to battle. Many of the crews around them will be filled with novices who only wanted to row in the nice weather, while our guys have been hardened in the cold and wet winter mornings. They hope to set a high bar for any 5th boat in the future trying to get M5 headship.
Crew list to be determined